This operates via a web based API which allows you via a webpage to directly access our coupon processing system.

It works by scanning in the coupon barcodes and the system auto fills a CLAIM PAGE. It is easy to use and operates via a set of prompts.

This creates a CLAIM in our system albeit one that has to be verified.

There are three advantages.

1) Accuracy:
The main advantages are that all claims are calculated correctly as to $amounts needing to be reimbursed to you and your fees. You can enter your invoice number and as there will be no differences there no need to ever adjust an invoice.
Payments from us will match exactly the claim which in trials has shown to save us all admin time.

2) Electronic records:
You can access all your CLAIMS records online.
Also no chance of a claim going missing

3) Turnaround Speed:
As you are logging into the system it is less likely you will miss close off days especially end of month.
We will give priority to finalising those lodged online at end of month which can lead to a two week quicker payment.

Note: However, you still need to send us the coupons (along with a print off of your CLAIM) so we can verify your claim.

We often have to surrender vouchers and coupons to the manufacturer issuers and in the case of vouchers we often need to key additional information printed on the voucher.

The manufacturers also require us to sight all coupons and withdraw them from circulation.


You will need to ring us on 09 3003705 and we will provide your store number and password and the necessary links to the online system.

We will also provide an set of simple instructions.



You will need a scanner. A normal shop scanner is all that’s required although our trial showed a handheld scanner is quicker.

And it needs to be set to auto enter i.e. you don’t have to hit enter on the keyboard once scanned.

Chrome Browser:

You will need Google Chrome to use the web based CLAIM service. If you don’t have it you can download it here.

Windows Explorer or Apple Safari do not work.

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